Relaxation of interstate movement only for stranded migrants: MHA

NEW DELHI: The Home Office on Sunday told Union states and territories to facilitate the interstate movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists and students who have moved from their places of origin or workplaces just before and were unable return to account. of restrictions imposed on the movement of people during confinement.

It is clarified that the orders are intended for the movement of those stranded people, who had moved from their native workplaces/places just before the closing period, but were unable to return to their native workplaces/places due to restrictions imposed on the movement of people and vehicles as part of the closure measures. The facilitation provided in the aforementioned orders is intended for such distressed persons, but does not extend to those categories of persons, who otherwise normally reside in places, other than native workplaces, etc., and who wish to visit your country of origin. places in the normal course, the Home Secretary stated in a letter sent to all UT chief state secretaries and administrators on Sunday.

Accordingly, the Home Secretary has requested State/UT governments to facilitate the movement of homeless people in distress as permitted by MHA orders.