Assam: 3,700 return home on their own on opening day of interstate borders

GUWAHATI: More than three thousand people from outside and within the northeast region entered the state on the first day of the opening of the interstate borders on Sunday, which were sealed for 40 days due to Covid-19.

The state at this time only allows the entry of those people who can travel on their own. Those who come from outside the region have to register and take the entry permit. For those who come from another northeast region, it is a free movement.

Those who are trapped outside the region and cannot travel on their own will have to wait some time until the Assam government requires trains to carry them. “We are in the process of registering those who wish to come by train and only after that will we send our application to the Indian railways. We can only carry 1,000 people on a train, ”said Assam's health minister.

Many walked for miles and some hitch hikes to reach entry points at the various interstate borders that Assam shares with its seven neighbors from where buses picked them up and transported them to their home destinations. Many others managed their own transportation in personal or rented vehicles.

Sarma said: “So far, 3,760 people have come from states in the northeast and outside the region. Many travel on their own from distant places like Gujarat and Maharashtra.

More than 770 people, who traveled from outside the region, checked in at the Srirampur entry point, on the Assam-West Bengal border, where a comprehensive health check is carried out. Anyone with symptoms will be taken to a quarantine center and the rest will be sent to home quarantine.

There were 1,301 people who entered through Baxirhat in the Dhubri district, but most are truckers and operators, Sarma added.

Among those who came from the northeastern states through various entry points, 900 came, 1,000 from Arunachal Pradesh, 312 from Tripura, 50 from Mizoram, 60 from Manipur and 15 from Nagaland.