India knows how to manage countries like Pakistan: Ram Madhav

NEW DELHI: The post-Covid-19 world order will be markedly different and it will be in Pakistan's interest to change its actions such as supporting terrorism, BJP The secretary-general said Sunday, stating that India knows how to manage those countries.

In an interview with PTI, he also said that there will be a capital flight from China in the post-pandemic phase and India will be an attractive destination for investments by global corporate giants.

Strongly rejecting allegations of Islamophobia in India, Madhav said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi It is enjoying the support of all the communities in the fight and those suffering from Modophobia are trying to communicate the country's discourse.

In an apparent reference allegations of Muslims being targeted for the spurt in cases after a congregation in Delhi, the BJP general secretary said: It will not be fair to blame an entire religious community for perceived mistakes of some members of a group. It doesn 't help the community and country at large.

In Pakistan, Madhav said the country has not given up on its campaigns against India and against terrorism, even as everyone is focusing on tackling the coronavirus crisis.

“It shows that somewhere, something is very wrong with Pakistan's leadership. He does not want to improve relations with India, he said.

Madhav said Pakistan will be forced to decide where it wants in the post-Covid global order. It is a question for both Pakistan and China.

He further said: It will be in Pakistan's interest to change its actions in the emerging new world order and India knows how to manage those nations.

Pakistan has been relentless in its efforts to push terrorists into India, as there have been increasing incidents of unprovoked firing by the Pakistani military along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir in recent weeks despite of the coronavirus crisis, according to military officials.

Speaking about China, Madhav said he felt that many companies would be moving from the neighboring country in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and that India would be an attractive destination for them.

In the post-Covid period there will be a flight of capital from China and India will undoubtedly be an attractive destination for them, he said.

The BJP leader said the allegations of Islamophobia are nothing but some sort of propaganda and are not based on the ground reality.

There has been a wave of angry backlash on Twitter from prominent citizens and human rights activists in various Arab countries following allegations that Muslims are blamed for spreading Covid-19 in various parts of India.

The Islamic Cooperation Organization, a powerful bloc of 57 countries, recently accused India of Islamophobia. India dismissed the charges as regrettable.

Citing Modi's leadership in effectively managing the pandemic, Madhav said: India has given a shining example of how visionary leadership, democratic government and popular support can work together to meet such challenges.

He said that one of the main reasons for the successful handling of the coronavirus crisis is that the country is united standing behind the government.

Referring to polls showing the highest approval ratings for Modi among world leaders, Madhav said they reflected that he was enjoying the support of Muslims, Christians and all other minorities.

Look at the way the country has responded to his bugle calls to light lamps or applaud the crown warriors. But some elements are trying to communalize the discourse since they suffer from modophobia, ”he said.