Bumrah shares an inspiring video of Ibrahimovic on social media

AHMEDABAD: pacemaker from India Jasprit Bumrah , a self-proclaimed fanatic of the Swedish star footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic , on Sunday shared an inspiring video message from the striker titled Words to Live.

Bumrah shared a 36-second video of the AC Milan forward on his Twitter account where Ibrahimovic is heard to say he does not live a life on social media.

My attention is how I act. And I know how I can do it. And what I need to do. I am the best at what I can do. Therefore, all the other things around you are not important because who would. Recognize you if you were not a soccer player? No one, Ibrahimovic said in that shared video. He returned to Milan for a second season with the Italian giants before the season was abruptly halted due to a coronavirus pandemic.

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Bumrah had previously expressed her affection for Ibrahimovic during an Instagram live chat with the India starter. Rohit Sharma .

I love Ibra. I can relate to his story that people didn't take him seriously and then he became a star. I can relate because I think people took me lightly initially and then proved them wrong, I'm still trying, he had said.

Recently former hitter from India Yuvraj Singh They took a look at today's budding cricketers, who he felt were trying to be what they are not on social media platforms.

I feel like they try too hard. They become what they are not when they are on social media, Yuvraj said during an Instagram chat with Bumrah.

I've seen many players who are otherwise very decent, but on social media they become something else, said the 39-year-old.

Bumrah, 26, added that upcoming players these days are seeking validation on social media.

I have seen young people who want validation on social networks. Let people say they are good. People's opinion should not change perception and should not matter. You need to have confidence in yourself, Bumrah said.

Ibrahimovic is one of the most decorated players in the history of club soccer. He has played for some of the best European clubs during the course of his illustrious career that began in 1999.

He started his journey with Malmo in his home country, Sweden, before playing for teams like Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Paris St. Germain and Manchester united .

He has won league titles in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Paris, along with many other teams and personal recognitions.