Legal action fears if Premier League season doesn't end: Steve Parish

the Premier league could face years of legal challenges if this season is not completed due to coronavirus pandemic, the president of Crystal Palace warned Sunday.

Steve Parish ofreció apoyo público para the planes de reinicio del proyecto de la liga después de que Brighton y West Ham, amenazados por el descenso, expresaron su preocupación por the equipos que se ven obligados a jugar sus juegos restantes en estadios neutrales.

the league is working with the government to find a safe way for players to resume group training and play games by June at the earliest.

Pero las temporadas de la liga francesa y holandesa ya han sido detenidas por sus gobiernos en medio de las continuas preocupaciones sobre the partidos deportivos que propagan las infecciones por COVID-19. Si bien Paris Saint-Germain fue coronado campeón francés la semana pasada a pesar de que la Ligue 1 terminó prematuramente, Ajax no recibirá el título holandés.

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I want to complete the competition for reasons of sports integrity, Parish said in a column published Sunday on the Palace website. I want to crown Liverpool campeones y dar una buena oportunidad a todos the demás clubes en la mejor posición de liga que puedan lograr. Ciertamente no quiero tener conversaciones difíciles sobre acortar, anular y puntos por juego.

" the ramifications of each are complex and could involve legal challenges that run on for months, if not years. But, yes, it is partly about the money. And we should all care about the money."

Parish highlighted the "many secondary industries football enriches," with the Premier league fearing losses of more than 1 billion pounds from an incomplete campaign as broadcasting commitments are not met.

"Nobody wins if the Premier league receives less money," Parish said. "Football is one of the most efficient tax-generating industries in Britain: we pay the players a lot but 50 percent goes straight back into the public purse. Overall we pay about 3.3 billion pounds in tax every year and it is the Premier league that largely funds the whole football pyramid."

the national lockdown remains in place through Thursday in Britain where more than 28,000 people have died in around two months in hospitals, care homes and the wider community after testing positive for the new coronavirus .

Parish's explanation of "Project Restart" came as the Premier league faced heavy criticism from one of the main pundits for the broadcaster that provides the league's single biggest revenue stream.

Gary Neville, the former England and Manchester united defender turned Sky Sports commentator, said the Premier league was having a "nightmare" and was "hiding, scared to death of communicating" its plans fully in public. the league has not made any official available for interview since the competition was suspended almost two months ago.

I want football to come back. I also understand the complexities, Neville said in response to Parish's tweet linking to his column. No one wants to be responsible for this! Should the unthinkable happen ... I would respect them more if they said We accept the increased health risk, but it is something we are willing to take on. They will not because they are afraid of death!

the Spanish league has been communicating its plans more substantially ahead of players resuming training individually at the clubs' facilities on Monday while observing a series of safety measures pre-established by the league and local authorities, including regular COVID-19 testing.

Hay más incertidumbre en Italia, donde el gobierno solo ha permitido a the jugadores en regiones que contienen ocho de the 20 clubes de la Serie A reanudar el entrenamiento individual a partir del lunes.

While leagues in England, Italy and Spain won't start until at least June, the first German flight is expected to resume this month.

But the Bundesliga's plans were unsettled by three positive tests for coronavirus last week at Cologne, reportedly including two players.

Cologne has insisted that the rest of the team and coaching staff do not need to be quarantined.

" the prerequisite for this is, of course, that now that we have started testing, we continue to test consistently, thus ensuring that only those who have tested negatively are part of training," team doctor Paul Klein said.

Cologne dijo el domingo que the jugadores solo reanudarán el entrenamiento después de dos pruebas negativas consecutivas de COVID-19.