The world's tallest tower will be lit with donations of coronavirus

DUBAI: one pixel at a time, Dubai will illuminate the fa├žade of the tallest building in the world to represent every donation made to alleviate coronavirus-affected communities across the United Arab Emirates .

the Burj Khalifa Measuring 2,728 feet (828 meters) tall, it will become the world's tallest donation box as part of a campaign to provide 10 million meals to low-income people.

the appeal comes during the Muslim fasting month of , a time of self-reflection, prayer and charity for the faithful.

For every donation of 10 dirham ($ 2.7), one of the 1.2 million LED lights in the building will be lit, each representing a meal.

On Sunday, less than 24 hours after the appeal was released, a live count on the website indicated that more than 176,000 meals had been donated.

the skyscraper regularly features displays of solidarity with crisis-stricken countries -- for Australia when bushfires ravaged parts of the country, and for China and Italy when they were hit hard by the Covid-19 respiratory disease.

Representing donations as lights beaming on Burj Khalifa reflects the hope that small acts of kindness will bring to less fortunate communities as the country continues its battle against the pandemic, Dubai 's media office said in a statement.

They will see the impact of their contributions on the facade of the tallest building in the world.

Last week the UAE Relief of the blocking restrictions that were put in place to slow the spread of the disease.

Dubai , one of the seven sheikhdoms that make up the UAE , had imposed a total curfew.

the emirate depends heavily on trade, retail, tourism and real estate, and the restrictions have hit businesses hard. It is also home to millions of foreign workers, some of whom have found themselves out of work or unpaid as the economy crumbles.

the UAE has so far reported more than 14,000 infections, including 126 deaths.

It has the second highest number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Gulf after Saudi Arabia , which has registered more than 25,000 infections and 176 deaths.