Maisnam Meiraba, the world's number two runner-up, is lucky to be back before closing

KOLKATA: Unlike many, Maisnam Meiraba Luwang I was fortunate to return to India just before the blockade on the country began.

The BWF junior world No. 2 in Manipur was playing a tournament in Germany during the first week of March when the coronavirus The outbreak had started in Europe. By then, Germany already had 800 cases. But fortunately for Meiraba, although he lost in the knockout stages, he was able to return to India on March 10, nine days before international flights in the country were banned.

“When I was in Germany, the disease had already started to affect many people in other parts of the country. Fortunately for me, it wasn't so bad in Berlin, where the tournament was held, the shutter said.

Before Germany, he had played in two other tournaments in Europe. First, he lost in the round of 64 in Italy and then was defeated in the round of 32 in the Netherlands, both in February.

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Once in India, instead of traveling back to his hometown Imphal, the 17-year-old stayed in Bangalore, where he has been living since 2013. I didn't want to risk traveling any more. Also, here I am safer since I am alone in a room, Meiraba said.

In Bangalore, the product of Badminton Academy Prakash Padukone He's been working inside and trying to stay safe from the outbreak all this time.

Right now, there is nothing on my mind waiting to keep me safe from the virus. I haven't played a bit since I got back from Germany. The only thing I'm doing today is some stationary exercises, Meiraba said.

Although he did not have a great start in Europe, he raised many eyebrows by winning three titles in the previous three months. In January, he won the U-19 singles title at the Nepal Junior International Series. Previously, he had won the Korean Junior Open International title in November last year and the Bangladesh Junior International Badminton Series in December.

Despite these victories, he knows he needs to work a little harder on his strategy. He also wants to bring out the best in the junior world No. 1 Christo Popov The next time they face each other, I have to pay attention to their playing style and make the best of it, added Meiraba.

While badminton has been in the background in these tough times, the outbreak also stopped its board examinations. After the meeting in Nepal, I took a break to take my class XII practical exams. But all my theoretical works still remain, he added.

But with all the uncertainty, even after a month of confinement, Meiraba has started reading motivating books to keep going in the hope that things will return to normal soon.