Delhi airport will resume flights from Terminal 3, assign gateways, check-in bays to airlines

NEW DELHI: commercial passenger flights in Delhi airport It will initially operate from Terminal 3 after it is finished, a senior official at its operator DIAL said Sunday, adding that the entrance gates, self-check-in machines and check-in bays will be assigned to airlines for avoid overcrowding of air travelers.

The airport will keep all food, beverage and retail stores open to avoid overcrowding in one place and will use UV disinfection tunnels for all incoming baggage, according to a plan prepared by GMR Group Ltd., led by the group.

The plan said Vistara and IndiGo passengers would enter the airport only through gates 1 and 2. These two airlines will have check-in rows A, B and C between them, he said.

AirAsia India and Air india passengers will use entry gates 3 and 4. These passengers will then go to rows D, E and F where staff from these two airlines would assist them in registering, according to the plan.

SpiceJet and GoAir passengers would enter through gate 5 towards the staff of these two airlines in rows G and H for check-in.

Passengers from all other national airlines will enter through gate 5 and proceed to row H, according to the plan.

All passengers of international airlines would enter the airport using gates 6, 7 and 8. The staff of these airlines would be seated in rows J, K, L and M to check in at Terminal 3.

DIAL's exit plan stated that entry doors, self-check-in machines, and check-in bays would be assigned to airlines to ensure the smooth flow of passengers from the entrance to the check-in room. and security thereafter.

India has been under closure since March 25 to curb the spread of the novel, which has infected some 40,000 people and killed more than 1,300 people in the country so far.

All commercial passenger flights have been suspended for the closing period. However, cargo flights, medical evacuation flights, and special flights allowed by aviation regulator DGCA can operate.

Initially, once the blockade ends, commercial passenger fights will be operating from Terminal 3 only. Later, once the number of flights increases, other terminals will be used, the DIAL official said.

DIAL is preparing strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) for food, beverages and retail stores to ensure social distancing, the exit plan said.

The operator will promote digital payments and digital menus at various points of sale to minimize human contact. Additionally, DIAL would encourage the use of self-shopping kiosks in the food court to reduce queues.