Carlsen sets the date for Nakamura in the final

CHENNAI: World Champion Magnus Carlsen showed class to outwit Ding Liren and make the end of the Carlsen Invitational Saturday night. He will face the Americans Hikaru Nakamura in the clash of the summit on Sunday.

After the match, Carlsen revealed that he got away with something akin to murder after canceling a disastrous collapse to seal the deal against Ling. The Norwegian was visibly distressed when he crashed into a dramatic second game of his semi-final match. However, Carlsen showed remarkable fighting skills to quickly bounce back from that setback and roll coldly on the super solid Ding in the next two games.

After the tight 2.5-1.5 victory, Carlsen said the second half of the match was in chaos and described his mistake as a complete blind spot. I haven't been in many of these situations where I face a lot of adversity, so I guess it's good for me, Carlsen said.

When asked if it was his toughest win, the 29-year-old added: This was very serious and, when it comes to stress, as much as I've experienced in a long time. I feel the same way I did. after match 10 of the [World Championship] match in London with Fabi, that's really the kind of feeling I had.

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The first clash between Carlsen and Ding ended in a draw. In contrast, Game 2 started cautiously but quickly burst into life. Then the unthinkable happened when Carlsen was wrong. A quick checkmate was inevitable and Carlsen was behind. But in Game 3, Carlsen changed things to close the deal. Game 4 was heartbreaking, but by then Carlsen had the momentum. With time running out, Ding had a chance to force a draw, but opted for a risky victory. The bet failed for the Chinese and Carlsen advanced to the grand final.