Many blockades are eased, but Russia and the UK are still struggling

ROME: From the United States From Europe to Asia, the reduction of some blockages took millions of their homes to enjoy the outdoors and the warm spring temperatures.

However, the global pandemic is still cutting through the defenses of other nations, causing deaths to endlessly march.

India reported more than 2,600 infections on Sunday, its biggest jump in a single day and new cases of coronavirus in Russia exceed 10,000 for the first time.

The confirmed death toll from viruses in Britain was approaching that of Italy, the epicenter of the European outbreak, despite the fact that the United Kingdom The population is younger than that of Italy, and Britain had more time than Italy to prepare before the pandemic.

There was also worrying news from Afghanistan, where nearly a third tested positive for 500 people in Kabul, the capital.

China, which reported only two new cases, is seeing an increase in visitors to recently reopened tourist spots after domestic travel restrictions were relaxed ahead of a five-day vacation that runs through Tuesday.

According to the Chinese media, nearly 1.7 million people visited Beijing's parks in the first two days of vacation, and the main tourist spots in Shanghai welcomed more than 1 million visitors. Many places limited daily visitors to 30% or less of their capacity to maintain a certain social distance.

Italians are counting the hours until Monday, when public parks and gardens reopened across the country for walking, jogging, or biking. But with sunlight and warm temperatures across the country, many were outside on Sunday, walking the streets and chatting on the sidewalks. Many had masks, but in Rome, some took them down to talk to friends or neighbors.

Despite the relaxation, Italians will still have to stay a meter away, picnics are not allowed, and playgrounds will remain closed. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned that if the contagion rate starts to increase again, those freedoms will be reduced.

In Spain, many ventured this weekend for the first time since it closed on March 14.

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to reveal how the country will abandon the blockade that started on March 23. The restrictions should last at least until Thursday, but with hundreds of deaths still reported daily, it is unclear how the country can safely loosen the restrictions. Britain in the past two days reported twice as many deaths as Spain and Italy reported.

The United Kingdom government is facing sharp criticism as it becomes clear that Britain will have one of the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the world. British medical workers have also denounced what they call is a shortage of protective equipment.

The masks were widely used throughout the world, from runners in Spain to beach lovers in the southern USA. USA In New York City's Central Park, runners stepped forward, and a constant group of people left tips for a trio to make their way through a set of jazz standards. Neighboring New Jersey reopened state parks, though several had to turn people away after reaching a 50% limit on their parking lots.

The division in the USA USA Among those who want the blockades to end and those who want to move more cautiously it spread to Congress.

The Republican-majority Senate will reopen in Washington on Monday, while the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives remains closed.

La decisión del líder de la mayoría del Senado, Mitch McConnell, de convocar a 100 senadores le da al presidente Donald Trump, un republicano, las imágenes que quiere de que United States vuelva a trabajar, a pesar de las preocupaciones de salud y la falta de pruebas.

In India, air force helicopters showered flower petals in hospitals in several cities on Sunday to thank the doctors, nurses and policemen who have been at the forefront of the battle against the pandemic.

US Navy fighter jets. USA And the Air Force flew over Atlanta, Baltimore and Washington on Saturday in honor of health workers.

The number of confirmed cases in India approached 40,000, as the country of 1.3 billion people marked the 40th day of a national blockade. The official death toll reached 1,323.

Afghanistan's health ministry said Sunday that 156 people were confirmed positive out of 500 who were randomly evaluated in Kabul, the capital. Spokesman Wahid Mayar said the results were troubling and said more cases would surely be found if the government could conduct further tests.

Russia announced 10,633 new infections on Sunday, nearly double the new cases reported a week ago. More than half of Russia 's new cases were in Moscow, where concern is rising about whether the capital's medical facilities will be overwhelmed.

Russia has reported 1,222 virus deaths among 124,000 infections, numbers that health experts widely believe undercount the true toll of its outbreak.

The virus has infected 3.4 million people and killed more than 244,000 worldwide, including leaving more than 66,000 dead in the United States, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

Europe has seen more than 139.00 confirmed virus deaths, with more than 28,000 each in Italy and Great Britain and around 25,000 in France and Spain.

Health experts warn that a second wave of infections could affect unless the tests expand dramatically. But there are enormous pressures to ease blockades as the shutdown of companies around the world, which lasted for weeks, has plunged the world economy into its worst slump since the 1930s and cut millions of jobs. (