Missy, who works with a Jharkhand-based NGO, says the ultimate goal is to build a school for girls there.

LONDON: Embracing social work as the motto of his life after retirement, swimmer 2012 Olympic gold medalist Missy franklin She currently works with the NGO Yuwa, based in Jharkhand, and says her ultimate goal is to build a permanent school there for girls.

Franklin, who won four gold medals at the London Olympics, was asked to present Yuwa with the prestigious Laureus Sport for Good Award after being elected to the Academy at her award function last year in Monaco.

The 24-year-old was so inspired by the Yuwa girls and the work done by the organization that she kept in touch with the organization and recently accepted the invitation to join its board of directors.

I am so excited to say that I have accepted that in addition to being a member of the Laureus Academy, I am now also a board member at Yuwa and I am working hard with Franz and Rose for their community and for the school they have for young girls, he said .

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With the world currently locked to contain the COVID-19 Pandemic, Franklin's support so far has been virtual, but he intends to visit the girls in Yuwa when circumstances allow.

Ultimately, our plan is to build a girls' permanent school there, says Franklin, who won five Olympic gold medals and eleven World Championship titles before retiring at age 23 due to injury.

It's amazing what they're doing, so I really hope I can go out and see everyone in the future and see the girls, and learn some soccer skills because I'm a little lacking zone!

The former swimmer, who is currently quarantined at her home in the United States, emphasized the need to unite to combat this global health crisis.

Laureus has demonstrated through the power of sport that lives can change and impact when we come together, when we all put our hearts and our souls behind a cause, with a purpose far greater than ours, he said.

That's really what the world is going through right now, and we've already seen so many beautiful examples from the world coming together and coming together, and ... that's a really beautiful thing at a very, very difficult time.

I know I admire each of the members of the Academy as role models, and for them to use their voices to talk about what's important about that and to come together, be united and support each other, that makes people listen.