Karnataka: recoveries now outnumber active cases in 10 districts

BENGALURU: The number of graduates exceeds the active cases of Covid-19 in 50% of the 20 affected districts in Karnataka, including Bengaluru Urban, according to data from the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

The other nine districts are Mysuru, Bidar, Rural Bengaluru ,,, Chitradurga and Kodagu. Even in the category of others, cases from other states (such as Kasargod in) and international passengers in quarantine, the number of people dismissed is greater than active cases.

“Efficient surveillance and isolation have resulted in fewer new cases. Also, the fact that in most cases, people under the age of 50 became infected has helped maintain a high recovery rate, ”said an official. At the end of Saturday, 271 of the 601 positive patients in the state were reported to have been discharged. Twenty people were discharged in one day.

Expected results for more than 7,000 samples

However, as of May 1, results were expected for more than 7,315 samples in various districts, which experts say may change the scenario related to the number of people who will be discharged in the coming days. Only five districts, including Belagavi and Mandya, account for 48% of cases, with the highest number of results pending in Belagavi.

Karnataka, who has seen an increase in asymptomatic cases, has been trying to increase the number of tests. On Friday, the state analyzed 4,892 samples, compared to 2,773 on April 21. This appears to be in line with the government's goal of reaching the daily testing capacity of at least 5,000 by the first week of May. Karnataka is now running 906 tests per million (TPM), which is better than the national average of 768 TPM. But Karnataka needs to catch up with states like Delhi, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Almost all experts recommend a higher test rate to determine the true extent of infections in a region.

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