Suicide is the leading cause of more than 300 prison deaths in India: study

NEW DELHI: Suicide It was the leading cause of more than 300 reported coronavirus-free deaths in India due to distress caused across the country, a new data set compiled by a group of researchers revealed.

The group, made up of public interest technologist Thejesh GN, activist Kanika Sharma and assistant professor of legal practice in Aman, said 338 deceased They have occurred from March 19 to May 2 and are related to the blockade.

According to the data, 80 people committed suicide due to loneliness and fear of being tested positive for the virus. The suicides are followed by migrants dying in accidents on their way back home (51), deceased associated with withdrawal symptoms (45), and those related to starvation and financial distress (36).

“There have been a staggering number of suicides, caused by fear of infection, loneliness , lack of freedom of movement, and alcohol withdrawal during the lockdown.

For example, failing to manage withdrawal (a medical condition), up to seven people died after consuming after-shave lotions and disinfectants. Large numbers of migrant workers trapped in quarantine facilities, far from the family, died from suicide, fearing infection, and sometimes even the stigma associated with the disease, the group said in a statement.

Other causes of the “non-coronavirus deceased ” were exhaustion (24), including workers travelling long distances on foot or queuing for ration, police atrocity/state violence (11), lockdown-related crimes (12), including vigilantism for violating rules, and denial of medical care (38).

There are also 41 cases in which the specific cause is unclear. An example of such an incident would be when there is a conflict between the state's account and the family/friends of the deceased over the cause of death, Aman said. .

"Also, it must be understood these deceased are likely an underestimate: only a fraction of deceased as per reported by the media and we may have missed some deceased reported in local media as well."

The group tracked newspapers and web portals in a handful of languages, primarily English, Hindi, and some vernacular (Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Hate, and Malayalam), and social media to collect the data.

According to the latest data on Sunday morning, the number of Covid-19 deaths in the country increased to 1,301. The number of cases increased to 39,980.

The national closure began on March 25 and will last until May 17.