Danny Murphy praises Liverpool players' incredible fitness levels

LIVERPOOL: Ex Liverpool player Danny Murphy He praised the club's current team by saying that the 'team fitness levels are incredible' and that they are much more tactically aware.

Murphy also credited the current manager Jurgen Klopp and its technical staff for the development of the team.

I think the team has evolved since Klopp started. It's got a little bit more wisdom, in terms of when to take your foot off the gas when pressing, when to watch a game, when to quit sometimes. They are much more tactically conscious, the club's official website said.

Yes, they are a high-press team with great energy and the fitness levels are unbelievable - and Klopp's coaching staff and sports science team deserve great credit for that - but when people talk about Liverpool this season not hitting the heights of maybe last season or the one before in terms of sometimes steamrollering teams and loads of free-flowing football, it's because they're managing games better, he added.

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Liverpool were witnessing a brilliant run in the Premier league before the football season was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. The team was topping the Premier league points table with 82 points, 25 points ahead of the second-placed club.

The club's most important thing at the moment is their hunger and discipline, according to Murphy.

I think the biggest thing with the Liverpool side at the moment is the hunger and the discipline. They come hand in hand, for me, he said.