Covid-19 shutdown: Congressional leader says Himachal Pradesh government can't handle stranded people problem

SHIMLA: The national secretary and former congress minister said the state government was unable to bring people stranded in other states back amid the coronavirus. Sharma said it is surprising that the officers who were appointed as nodal officers to bring back stuck in other states do not know their duties. He said the government appears to be unable to make adequate arrangements for stranded people. Sharma has asked the government to establish a call center to bring stranded people back to other states. In addition, those coming from abroad must be scanned properly and for this, appropriate arrangements must also be made, he added.

He said that the stranded people, including children, are being called to Delhi and Chandigarh. But in Delhi and Chandigarh, there is a ban on leaving the house in many places, in such a situation, the government did not clarify how people trapped here could get to Himachal Bhavan. He said that at this moment the situation has been made as such during the partition of the country. He said that Himachalis stranded in other states are located in India, so the state government must make appropriate arrangements for them.

He said that these people cannot be brought back, so the state government should guarantee a suitable place for their stay along with food until the situation improves. He said that instead of providing the nodal officers' phone numbers, the state government should have established a call center to help stranded people.

He said that the main helpline center should have been taken to prepare the list of stranded people to bring them back because a nodal officer cannot answer hundreds and thousands of calls without help. He said that such a situation is being created that people are more afraid.

Regarding bringing back Indians trapped abroad by the Indian Air Force, Sudhir Sharma said the Himachal government should also clarify the situation in this regard of how many Himachal people who are trapped abroad. they want to return.

He said that a few days ago, the sudden release of thousands of passes from some districts had made the situation uncontrollable at the borders. He said that the people of Himachal Pradesh, especially young people, are stuck in all states and most of them are connected to the hotel line and cannot even organize their accommodation.