CRPF headquarters in Delhi sealed after test drive tested positive for Covid-19

NEW DELHI: A CRPF police chief connected to the force headquarters here as a bus driver tested positive for Covid-19, leading to the closure of the headquarters and the quarantine of 40 other people he had contact with.

The last case is presented in the context of 135 people from the 31st CRPF battalion based in Vihar here, who tested positive. The entire battalion was quarantined and all 480 personnel were tested after a sub-inspector died of Covid-19 and another 45 tested positive. So far, 135 of the 458 whose test results are in positive results. Results are expected from 22 other staff members.

However, the CRPF's problems do not seem to end as the pandemic has now hit a police chief attached to the force's headquarters. “A connected controller in Delhi has tested Covid-19 Positive. CRPF headquarters has been closed for sanitation until the task is complete, ”a force spokesperson told TOI.

Disinfection will take place only on Monday, a source said.

An officer said the infected person drives an 18-seater minibus. “Everyone who was riding that bus, as well as the people living around him, have been quarantined. Their number is around 40, ”he told TOI.