Cricket's Comeback Depends on Government: Stuart Broad

LONDON: fast bowler from England Stuart broad said that the UK government will have an important role to play in dictating the return of cricket to the country after the coronavirus pandemic. Broad, however, said that he personally does not feel nervous about playing when necessary.

Cricket will literally be governed by the government. It is not as if the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board ) They are going to have to be lone wolves and decide when to go out again, Broad told the Daily Mail newspaper.

The government will give the go-ahead and then the players will have to make sure that we are in the physical capacity to get in shape. I know how I feel about not watching live sports and I know how much joy sport brings me live. Therefore, the responsibility of the players is to make sure that we are ready to go at any time, he said.

Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero had said many footballers were nervous about playing again due to the threat of the virus. Broad, however, said he fully trusts the medical staff and is not nervous about it.

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I know everyone feels very different about it. Sergio Agüero has been talking about how nervous the players would be. Personally, I wouldn't be, Broad said.

I have great faith in our medical team at the ECB. I have known Nick Peirce , the medical director, for a long, long time and I have full faith in what he and his team believe is suitable for cricket.

Yes, we all want to see cricket played either behind closed doors and only on television or in front of viewers. And I know that the doctors in England that I have worked with for a long period of time are not going to stop. Make it happen.

So if one of Nick or Gurjit Bhogal, our current England team doctor, rings out and says 'I think this is a good way to do it', I will 100% trust what they are saying.