Covid-19: Pune hospital receives ICMR approval for blood plasma therapy

PUNE: The state-run Sassoon General Hospital in the city of Pune received the go-ahead from the Indian Council for Medical Research to request the admission of critically ill patients of Covid-19 here, a senior health official said Sunday. Technically called convalescent plasma therapy, the treatment aims to use the immune power obtained by a recovered person to treat a sick person.

As part of therapy, the antibodies from a recovered patient are harvested and ingested from a sick person to help the latter's immune system fight the pathogen.

We have received the necessary permission from the ICMR for plasma therapy and in the next two to three days we will take additional steps. A likely list of 35 donors has been prepared and will be contacted, said Dr., president of Communicable Disease Prevention. and said the Technical Control Committee.

These are people who have definitely developed antibodies. Let's see how many are willing to donate plasma. Repeated tests will be done on all donors before the procedure, he added.

The ICMR has already clarified that therapy is not a therapeutic drug of choice, Salunkhe said, adding that we are using therapy as a last resort to revive a critically ill or critically ill patient.

A recovered patient said he was ready to donate plasma as long as the hospital authorities take care of the necessary logistics.

A Pune-based company, ABIL, had recently donated Rs 28 lakh to purchase the equipment required to extract plasma from the blood of a recovered patient.