German interior minister backs Bundesliga restart

BERLIN: Germany's Interior and Sports Minister said on Sunday that he supports the resumption of the country. football season this month despite the coronavirus epidemic.

I think the schedule proposed by the German league is plausible and I support the restart in May. Horst Seehofer he told the Bild newspaper three days before a meeting of German authorities to discuss the issue.

The German Football League (DFL) supports the resumption of spectatorless matches in mid-May, making it the first major European championship to make such a move.

Seehofer, who plays a key role in the government on the issue, as he has multiple portfolios, has emphasized that teams and players must respect various conditions.

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If there is a case of coronavirus in a team or its management, the club as a whole, and eventually also the team against which it last played, must go into quarantine for two weeks, he said.

Therefore, there will continue to be risks to the match schedule and qualification, if there is any contamination.

But he said the clubs would not have any special testing privileges denied to the rest of the population. Some parties had suggested carrying out frequent tests of their players as a preventive measure against the virus.