I'm going to take them down tonight: Andre Russell to Shubman Gill during knock vs RCB

KOLKATA: On April 5, 2019, Andre Russell played a 13-ball blinding to mock the 206-run goal that Royal Challengers Bangalore had established for Calcutta Knight Riders in the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL)

Russell said he still gets goose bumps when talking about the tickets. I knew I would go out or get the (required) runs because we had a goal like 60 odd runs of 24 or 27 balls, Russell said in an interview posted on www.kkr.in.

The Jamaican SUV entered on the 16th when KKR was 139/4. Captain Dinesh Karthik like at the other end

DK looked at me and said 'Big man, what are you thinking?' and I said to DK, all I think about is the limits. So DK gets one or two limits and then leaves, Russell said.

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He hit the ball and was caught (by Yuzvendra Chahal halfway). (RCB Captain) Virat Kohli He turned to the stands where all the KKR wives and supporters were sitting, and shouted something like 'Come on!

Shubman Gill replaced Karthik. When Shubman Gill walked out (at No.7), I said 'hey listen, I'm gonna take down anybody that bowls. Anyone that comes on, I'm going to take them down tonight, so just try and give me as much strike as possible. ' He said, 'anything you say big man', said Russell.

It took KKR 30 runs to win the last two overs, but Russell leveled up at 19 with three consecutive sixes, one four, and one six again. Gill ran out of the first ball on the 20th to bring KKR over the line. Russell finished with 48 runs of just 13 balls, his innings scored by seven sixes and a four. He said he wasn't thinking too much during the innings.

Every time I hit a six, I don't even look at the scoreboard, because sometimes you can get carried away by the crowd and everything.

After hitting the ball, I would walk over to Shubman, punch and go back to my crease and breathe as deep as possible. That allows me to be calm.

I don't look at the field, react to any ball that is thrown, and hit. If I find the gap, great. It is a happy day. But most of the time, I am looking to beat the fielders. 'heads. Once the bowler throws the ball, good or bad, I hit it high. That is my mentality.

Russell said the victory was one of his most special moments playing for KKR. I'm getting goosebumps even now talking about it, he said.