Agra: Kin forced to pick up Covid-19 positive patient with bare hands, take him to an ambulance

AGRA: In a case of extreme neglect, family members of a Covid-19 patient in Agra alleged that they were forced to lift him bare-handed and carry him to a gurney on Saturday when staff in the SN general ward Medical College refused. The patient entered the SNMC on Wednesday but tested positive on Saturday. Gloves and disinfectant were not provided to the family, and a video of the entire episode went viral on social media.

Speaking to TOI, District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh said: “I have seen the video and we will ask the hospital administration about it. Appropriate measures will be taken in this case. At any stage, carelessness in dealing with a Covid-19 positive patient will not be tolerated.

According to family members, the patient was transferred to the SNMC medical room on April 30. On Friday, the ward staff stated that the patient was not positive for Covid-19. However, on Saturday afternoon, the patient was declared Covid-19 positive.

“We were told that the patient must be transferred to the isolation facilities and an ambulance was made available. Since the boys in the room refused to touch my brother, I had to pick him up and put him on the stretcher. He could not move alone. I took him near the ambulance and again asked for help to safely transfer my brother to the ambulance. No neighborhood boy came forward to help us. My sister joined me. Due to the neglect of SNMC employees, we are at risk of becoming infected, said the patient's older brother.

Previously on April 29, the patient's relatives had also uploaded a video on Twitter complaining that his brother was not admitted to the hospital.