Chandigarh: promising drink at the door, tin pocket Rs 1 lakh in two weeks

CHANDIGARH: The desperation to lighten your mood with some hard drinks during the shutdown has cost up to 20 people Rs 1 lakh in liquor fraud at home in two weeks, according to the police department cybercell.

Sanjeev Kumar from Sector 39 was one of the victims. He said he saw an ad on Facebook about home delivery of liquor at a Sector 22 store. He called the number and looked for a case of whiskey. The deal was finalized at Rs 4,600. The scammer requested payment in advance through Google Pay. Kumar readily obeyed, awaiting his shipment. However, he received a call asking him to pay 20 rupees more as a GST bill for his debit card. He shared his card details and OTP number with the scammer over the phone. Later, the defendant allegedly deducted Rs 20, Rs 4,071 and Rs 15,074 from his account. The defendant promised him that he would return his money, but then allegedly withdrew Rs 9,800 more from his account.

Sahil, from Sector 22, said he saw a message on his WhatsApp regarding the home delivery of liquor. He ordered two boxes of whiskey. The deal was finalized at Rs 8,000. Later, a delivery man asked Sahil to transfer Rs 4,000 in advance. After waiting many hours, when the liquor boxes were not delivered, he called the number again. The scammer told him that his order was canceled and that to get a refund of Rs 4,000, he will have to click on a link and fill in his bank details, which he sent to him on his mobile phone. However, Sahil realized that he had been tricked.