Haryana: money on the ground, panic in Kaithal

KAITHAL: Panic seized Saturday after some criminals threw some banknotes in the 500 rupee denomination and fled the scene.

The notes were released around 11 a.m. on Saturday in Karn Vihar, a slum area located near Jind by road.

After locals approached the police, City Station Officer (SHO) Nanhi Devi and teams from the health department arrived at the scene.

Meanwhile, locals had also laid bricks on top of the notes, which are estimated to total 15,000 rupees.

SHO Devi said: “We collected the notes after disinfecting them. We have recorded the incident in the daily daily report (DDR) and the matter is under investigation. The bills were found on empty land near the colony.

People did not choose any of the notes for fear of Covid-19 and reported to the police. However, nobody saw anyone throw the notes in the area, he added.