Some Serie A players prepare to resume training

MILAN: players of various Italians football the clubs were on their way to resume individual training as the Mediterranean country prepared to gradually reverse its coronavirus emergency shutdown .

The Italian government has been feuding for weeks with individual regions about which activities will be allowed when the nation begins to emerge from an economically crippling emergency shutdown on Monday.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is lifting Italians' orders to stay home and allowing restaurants to resume takeout service next week.

But Conte has delayed the announcement of a restart of the A series season for fear of another spike in infections.

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Conte only allows the clubs to resume team training on May 18.

Several regions that have avoided the worst of the outbreak say they will use a gap for individual players to start training on Monday.

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The voluntary sessions will affect teams like Napoli in the south and Bologna, in the central region of Emilia-Romagna.

Parma announced that they will open their facilities next week for the use of their squad members

Lazio in Rome have also expressed plans to resume individual training at their sports center.

But the rules published by Sassuolo made it clear that none of his coaches or other staff will participate in the sessions.

Up to six players will be allowed on an open field at a time and they will be prohibited from wearing the locker room to minimize the threat of contagion.

A series clubs unanimously voted on Friday to finish the 2019-20 season -- suspended since March 9 with Juventus leading Lazio by a point.

But Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora said this week that the chances of a restart were increasingly limited.

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