Covid-19: At 3.3%, India's death rate is almost as low as South Korea's

NEW DELHI: India's death rate of 3.3% of total confirmed cases and death of 0.09 people per lakh population compares well with some other, including the highest performing to contain the disease, and China resorted to measures such as the quarantine mass to limit the pandemic.

Among the first countries to become infected with the outbreak, South Korea did well by limiting its total count to 10,780 cases and deaths in 250. Its case fatality rate is among the lowest at 2.3%, while deaths from lakh Population levels are at 0.48, higher than China at 0.33 and India at 0.09, which is the lowest of all major countries, according to trends captured at the Coronavirus Resource Center, Johns Hopkins University.

China, with 83,959 cases and 4,637 deaths reported so far, has a case fatality rate of 5.5%. So far, India has 37,257 total cases and 1,223 deaths.

The situation is very bleak in some European countries and in the United States. Deaths per lakh population have been the highest in Belgium with 67.44, followed by Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and the USA. USA With 53, 47, 42, 37 and 20 respectively.

The proportion of cases of lethality, that is to say, the total deaths of the total cases of Covid-19, in these countries is also high, ranging from 12% to 16%, except in the USA. USA, where it is 6% with 65,000 deaths reported so far from 11 Lakh confirmed cases.

Based on university mortality analyzes, the data could represent a different picture if more people are analyzed.