The credit to farmers and MSMEs tops the list of PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Saturday he discussed possible interventions in the financial sector, along with ways to support small businesses, farmers and improve liquidity and provide greater credit.

While working with Home Amit Shah, the Finance Minister and her team of officers, Modi also sought quick steps to start working on new projects and speed up other work to make up for time lost due to Covid-19. He wanted projects taken under the National Infrastructure Pipeline to be reviewed at the highest level frequently to avoid delays and allow job creation, an official statement said.

The government has already announced an infrastructure pipeline with projects that together cost more than Rs 100 lakh crore, and the prime minister's push for road, rail, port and airport projects indicates the need to focus on them as they will not only create jobs for millions of people. workers' but also generate demand for cement, steel and other inputs.

The meeting is ahead of the expected stimulus package, which has been in process for the past few weeks. There are expectations that it may be announced in the coming days to ensure that companies do not crumble for lack of cash and are able to pay wages and meet other payment obligations at a time when the revenue stream has been exhausted in the absence of sales. .

Reflecting on the issue of the well-being of workers and the common man, the prime minister noted the need to create opportunities for paid employment by helping companies overcome difficulties due to disruptions caused by Covid-19, the statement said.

Discussions focused on financial stability and the need to ensure that companies can quickly overcome the difficulties they have faced due to Covid-19.

While seeking structural reforms, the prime minister also said ministries should continue their reform initiatives and remove obstacles to investment flows and capital formation, according to the statement.