Priyanka Gandhi Vadra seeks government audit of PM CARES fund

NEW DELHI: The congressional leader asked for an audit of the, saying transparency will be good for the government and the public in times of crisis.

On March 28, the Center established the Prime Minister's Emergency Relief and Citizen Relief Fund (PM CARES) with the main objective of dealing with any type of emergency situation such as the one currently caused by the Covid-19 outbreak and provide help to those affected

He said that when the public is distressed and there is a shortage of food, water and cash, the authorities are taking Rs 100 of all for the PM CARES Fund and therefore an audit of it would be appropriate.

The secretary-general of Congress also posted on Twitter a letter from district authorities in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, asking officers to secure the donation of Rs 100 from all concerned.

One suggestion: when the public is distressed and there is a shortage of rations, water and cash, and the government is taking Rs 100 from everyone for the PM CARE fund, then it would be appropriate from all aspects to have a government audit of the fund.

There should also be responsibility for canceling Rs 68 billion of bank robbers who fled the country, he said in a tweet in Hindi.

Transparency to the public is important at the time of the crisis. It will be good for both the public and the government, he said.

Congress has questioned the government about the creation of a PM CARES Fund separated by the prime minister to combat the coronavirus, demanding that the same be merged with it.