Only those authorized by the states allowed on special trains during the blockade: railways

NEW DELHI: Saturday night reiterated that it was transporting only those authorized by state governments in its place for people stranded during the, after reports of unauthorized travel and overcrowding at some stations.

In a nightly statement, the national carrier said: Railways only accept passengers, brought in and facilitated by state governments. No other group of travelers or individuals should come to the station.

Some special trains run only at the request of state governments. All other suburban and passenger train services remain suspended, he said.

The railroads also said that tickets are not being sold at any station, advising people not to converge at any railway station.

India is under national blockade to control the broadcast of the novel, with a ban on rail, air and road traffic.

Earlier this week, the Union Interior Ministry allowed states to transport their residents, particularly migrant workers, students, and tourists, stranded outside due to closures on buses and special trains.