Woman awaiting surgery tests positive at Srinagar hospital, 30 quarantined

SRINAGAR: A 55-year-old woman awaiting plastic surgery at a specialty hospital in Srinagar Shreenbagh tested positive on Saturday, prompting authorities to quarantine some 30 health workers, including eight doctors, at the facility.

The woman was admitted to the hospital a week ago in reference to the SMHS hospital, the sources said. He was due to undergo surgery last Thursday, but the procedure was postponed as his Covid-19 test result was expected. The report arrived on Friday and turned out to be positive. She shared a room with at least 12 others, two of whom underwent surgery four days ago after they tested negative for Covid-19 a couple of days before their operation, said a doctor.

We do not know if the two already operated patients contracted the infection, since they were in the same room as the woman for at least two days. The operating room is the most vulnerable place since a lot of aerosol is generated. Our OTs don't even have negative pressure elimination systems, the doctor said.

Doctors here fear that the hospital may suspend operations in the absence of so many employees. They blamed the administration for not taking samples from patients before admitting them to the center.

Why are patients not screened for Covid-19 prior to admission or referral to the tertiary care hospital for non-Covid patients? Other patients are already vulnerable and this increases their risk, said a doctor.

We were not provided with personal protective equipment despite ordering all these days, and now that a patient has tested positive, PPE has been distributed to a few. Previously, they gave us four masks and asked us to execute them for a month, said another doctor.

On Saturday, the health authorities took samples of the 14 patients in the ward, while 30 health workers, including eight doctors, were transferred to administrative or home quarantine, confirmed the medical superintendent Dr.

The superspecialty hospital in Shreenbagh provides treatment in neurosurgery, gastroenterology, oncology and many others. “This is a fully functional hospital and would meet the needs of hundreds of patients. Now there is a chance that we will lose an entire hospital due to administrative error, ”said one of the doctors.