49 Pakistani pilgrims will cross the border from Nagpur

NAGPUR: Forty-nine Pakistani citizens stranded in Nagpur, Maharashtra, in the midst of an outbreak for more than a month, will return to their country after obtaining the necessary permits from the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More than 190 members of the Hindu Sindhi community in Ghotki district in Pakistan's Sindh province arrived in India for a pilgrimage on February 27, 2020, local officials said.

49 of them landed in Nagpur to visit Baba Hardas Ram Ghodi Dham in the Jaripatka area.

Rajesh Jhambia, a local social worker who arranged for their stay here, said they were supposed to leave Nagpur on March 20 and cross the Attari on March 22, but were left stranded when the closure to contain the coronavirus was announced.

41 of them stay in Baba Hardas Ram Ghodi Dham, Jaripatka, and eight stay in their relatives' homes.

We received the go-ahead from the Pakistan High Commission on Friday night and pilgrims will depart for Amritsar on Saturday night on buses from where they will cross the border in Attari, he said.

Satyawan Chawla, one of the stranded pilgrims, told PTI that he was happy that he finally returned to his country, and thanked the governments of both countries.

Ashok Kumar, another pilgrim, said that the local people helped them financially and also facilitated their return.