Rohit, Shami ready to spend time at NCA before returning to cricket

NEW DELHI: Rohit Sharma and Mohammed Shami He said that players should be given approximately two weeks before playing competitive cricket again after coronavirus pandemic.

Indian vice captain with limited limitations Rohit said he has had a longer break than many of his teammates due to the fact that he has not played since he was injured while touring New Zealand in February.

"We should get more time for batting. I was already injured and returned to Mumbai even before you came. I was injured in February and I have not held a bat since then. I'm guessing it will take two to three months to play. Need to focus on batting skills," Rohit Sharma told Mohammed Shami during their Instagram live session.

A number of international series and the Indian Premier League have been postponed or cancelled since March due to the pandemic and cricketers have been stuck at their homes ever since.

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Both Rohit and Shami suggested that players will need to spend some time at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore after the course emergency shutdown at home it ends before they play competitive cricket again.

"In Mumbai, I do not think anything will happen, and that's why I will go to Bengaluru for training and batting practice after the emergency shutdown ends," Rohit added.

Shami said that fast bowlers may not take as much time as batsmen to get back into the groove. "I am running on the treadmill so my lower body is taken care of. Then it will take about 10-15 days to get back in touch as far as our skills are concerned . But yes, batsmen need more time. So after emergency shutdown if they call us to Bengaluru I am ready," said Shami.