Without sounding arrogant, feel like I'm one of the top 6 hitters: Usman Khawaja

SYDNEY Usman Khawaja has said he is shocked by financial mismanagement within Cricket australia . CA Executive Director Kevin Roberts He had to dismiss the vast majority of staff for the rest of the financial year, and Khawaja said the country's governing body for sport has liquidity problems.

I was very surprised. He knew that our revenue projections were still very high and I think they still are, depending on what happens with the India series, he told Fox Sports Australia.

It's a little confusing. I don't have all the financial information in front of me, but it seems like it's more of a cash flow problem right now.

Khawaja said the situation may be due in part to poor business decisions. Obviously there is a bit of mismanagement somewhere, with the portfolio and putting a lot of money in the stock market.

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For me, that's Business 101. To make sure I have enough cash reserves if c ** p hits the fan.

So I'm a little disappointed on that front ... but what has been done is already done, so it is our responsibility as CA and ACA to work on this, he said.

Khawaja's omission was a major topic of conversation when CA announced its central contact list for 2020/21. However, he feels that he can recover more easily from this than when his previous omission in 2014.

Without sounding arrogant, I still feel like I'm one of the top six hitters in the country, Khawaja said.

However, he said the criticism leveled at him for his spinning game is quite unwarranted. My game against spin has been one of the best in the county. Bar maybe Steve Smith , who is an absolute genius. But the most important thing is to score runs, he said.