Mumbai: Pockets of Dharavi slums report 127 cases of Covid-19 in two days

MUMBAI: The Dharavi area of ​​Mumbai has reported 89 positive cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, the highest in a day since the first case was reported in the area on April 1. They recorded 38 cases on Friday. The total number of cases in Dharavi amounts to 496, including 18 deaths.

G-North Ward includes and Dharavi. The total number of cases reported in the room is 594, of which 84% are from congested slums in the Dharavi area. Authorities stated that they are detecting peak cases in Dharavi because they are scanning and testing more slum dwellers.

Dharavi is one of the worst. Civic officials are receiving unexpected support from four nearby private hospitals and local doctors to handle the situation. These medical hospitals treat Covid-19 positive cases and help the BMC conduct fever clinics to track the maximum number of cases in congested slums.

On Wednesday, a 47-year-old BMC evaluation inspector, who was involved in the food distribution process in Dharavi, died of Covid-19.

Dharvi is one of the largest slums in the city, with an area of ​​2.1 km2. Most of Covid's positive cases are reported from 10 slums that BMC marked as a containment zone. Controlling the spread of the virus in congested pockets of slums, with common community toilets, is a major challenge to the BMC. People don't even show up to share their symptoms with civic doctors.

BMC adopted a separate strategy to track maximum positive cases in the affected area where there is hardly any room to walk. BMC volunteers with pocket thermometer pistol pockets to explore slum dwellers visiting house by house. If someone has a fever, volunteers refer them to the fever clinic. In Dharavi alone, these volunteers have scanned more than 50,000 people in Covid's affected pockets.

BMC conducts a fever clinic in open spaces or available clinics near affected areas. Doctors review the patient with a fever and if they are symptomatic Covid-19, refer them for a test. Samples from these patients are immediately collected by a private laboratory for analysis.