Lockdown 3.0: Initiative and responsibility to fight Covid more in the hands of other stakeholders than the central government, says Vice President Naidu

NEW DELHI: With the government announcing a gradual opening of the economy amid a third extension of the blockade, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu He said Saturday that the third phase of the country will serve as a preliminary test that we will pass since we have no option to fail.

Naidu, who has been keeping busy this past week to reach out to members of parliament, governors, former magistrates and political party leaders for direct comment on how the pandemic is slowing down, said in a Facebook post on Saturday that the way It is up to all stakeholders to behave for the next two weeks to decide the government's course of action against the coronavirus.

Under the 3.0 blockade, the initiative and responsibility for the fight are more in the hands of other stakeholders than with the central government, Naidu said. Famous for his turn to phrase, Naidu also created an acronym for Covid and said that India is fighting the coronavirus with a common vision, intention and determination and that all concerned must persist in these efforts. We need to behave well so as not to lose the profits from the first two blockades when trying to start economic activities, said the vice president.

He also called on all sectors of society to rise to the occasion and decide on the time frame in which the entire nation can hope to return to pre-coronavirus normalcy, and achieve this through an approach calibrated and collaborative.