38 positive cases of Covid-19 in the Indian Navy, effectively controlled outbreak: vice-chief of the Navy

NEW DELHI: There were 38 positive cases of Covid-19 in Mumbai, of which 12 were recovered and released from the hospital, a senior Navy official who gave details of the outbreak at the Indian naval base INS Angre said Saturday. late last month.

At INS Angre in Mumbai, we have had a total of 38 positive Covid-19 cases. Of these, 12 have already been discharged from the hospital while 26 are in treatment. There have been no positive cases on any of our warships and submarines. Vice Admiral Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar told ANI in an interaction.

He said that after the cases came to the notice of the concerned naval authorities in Mumbai, every effort was made to quarantine people who may have been in contact with the affected soldier.

We also tested each of them, including those who were asymptomatic, and no testing was necessary to be sure. Some of the admitted people have symptoms, while others are still asymptomatic. I would like to say that we could control the spread through strict quarantine measures, said the deputy chief of the Navy.

Kumar said the Navy was quite concerned about the spread of the pandemic on its operating platforms, as seen in the case of many other navies around the world.

We don't have a single case on our warships and submarines. We have taken very strict measures, such as before a departure of a warship, sailors and officers are watched for 14 days before the ship sails. Because if it happens while you're at sea, it may take some time to land it and it can result in a spread, he said.

The outbreak at INS Angre is believed to have started due to an individual many others became infected with. INS Angre in Mumbai under the Western Command force.

The Chief of Defense Staff, Gen, had also appreciated the efforts of the Navy to prevent the pandemic from spreading further to other parts of the service.