Right to peace of mind for all; marriage entitles husband, wife to equal respect: Delhi HC

NEW DELHI: Every human being has happiness and marriage, which is a sacrament, cannot be a unilateral matter and both parties have the right to equal respect and responsibilities, he observed when dissolving a couple's marriage due to cruelty and desertion of the husband .

The superior court's observation came about by dismissing the husband's appeal, contesting a family court's decision to dissolve his marriage for inflicting cruelty on his wife and abandoning her.

A bank of judges and, in his opinion, said that the continuous harassment of the wife by a very insensitive and selfish husband is clear as the light of day of the daughter's testimony and there is nothing more to say.

The court said this is a typical case showing what would amount to cruel behavior on the part of one spouse to the absolute detriment of the other.

Every human being has the right to peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction. Marriage is certainly a sacrament, but it cannot be a one-sided matter. Both parties in marriage are equal partners and have the right to mutual respect, the exchange of duties and responsibilities, affection, emotional bonding, financial support and everything else for the well-being of others.

If the relationship is so bitter and disproportionate that the well-being and well-being of one has the immense cost and well-being of the other, there can be no sacrament like the one that the appellant (man) now insists on. said the bank.

Initially, the woman, who married the man in 1992, approached the family court seeking the dissolution of the marriage on the grounds of cruelty and desertion by her husband. The petition was authorized by the family court in November 2019.

The man contested the family court decision in the higher court, saying that the woman was unable to obtain the benefit of her own mistake since she had left her company without reason and stated that the main reason for the differences between them was disparity on your income. and education, although she knew of his qualifications at the time of the marriage.

He claimed that they lived a happy married life for 20 years and now, when his daughter had reached the age of majority and was of marriageable age, he was not interested in allowing the divorce petition, as it would destroy her life.

However, the court said the recorded material demonstrates the wife's sincere efforts to save the marriage and shows that to preserve the relationship, she did more than was her duty.

The court said there was nothing to praise the man and that it was on the credit of the woman that her daughter is currently pursuing a doctorate in the UK and earned her master's degree in Switzerland.

He noted that, according to him, the daughter had sought her father's 50 percent contribution towards the expenses of the program and her teacher's work, but even challenged it in court and waited for the court's management to pay an amount. .

She (daughter) is doing extremely well in her academic studies, particularly after October 2011. It may not be wrong to infer that if she had not left the respondent (October) in 2011, it could have resulted in a downward spiral of the daughter's future, about the welfare of whom the appellant (man) is now showing so much concern, the bank said while dismissing the man's appeal as unfounded.