Put aside Central View, similar projects, and use money to improve public health infrastructure: Anand Sharma

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, the senior leader urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to archive the Central Vista project and the proposed central mega secretariats in 17 state capitals, saying that it will be a criminal waste of public money in times of pandemic.

He said that India should invest all this money to fill the obvious deficiencies in the public health system.

Urging the prime minister to archive the wasteful Central Vista project and proposed central mega secretariats in 17 state capitals. Spending more than Rs 25 billion on large buildings at a time of unprecedented national crisis will be a criminal waste of public money, he said on Twitter.

The vice president of Congress said that the country faces a severe shortage of resources and is accepting loans from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank .

India needs and commits resources there, Sharma said.

Noting that all Indians are proud of the brave Covid-19 warriors - doctors, health workers, and security personnel, he said the nation unites to greet them for their commitment to duty and courage.

Sharma said the pandemic has revealed blatant deficiencies in India's public health system and an overreliance on a private hospital linked to faulty insurance.

It is surprising that government hospitals have only 30% beds, while private hospitals have 70% of ICU beds and 80% of ventilators, he said.

The least equipped government hospitals carry the majority of the burden for Covid patients, although they lack the resources, equipment, and personal protective equipment for health workers, he said.

It is time for the Prime Minister to reflect on and review public health policy. In the UK, the robust NHS is saving lives, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

India must urgently invest public money in public health care and build well-equipped public hospitals. Let the pandemic crisis become an opportunity to correct course. That will really celebrate the warriors in the crown, he said in a series of tweets.

His comments came a day after the central government approved the Central Vista project.