Infections at FC Colonia raise doubts about the safety of restarting the league

BERLIN: COVID-19 infection of three people in top-tier German soccer team FC Cologne has raised questions about the safety of a possible Bundesliga restart in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the Bundesliga battling to convince the government that the season should restart in May, and with daily infection figures dropping, Cologne announced the positive tests on Friday.

Probably two players, an infected staff member, wrote Karl Lauterbach, chief legislator for the Social Democrats, junior chancellor associates. Angela Merkel The coalition, on Twitter on Saturday.

The rest (of the team) continue training. Those who train with COVID-19 are at risk of damaging the lungs, heart and kidneys, added Lauterbach, professor of health economics and epidemiology.

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I'm surprised that the players are allowing this, he said, referring to Cologne training that continues with the rest of the team rather than everyone being quarantined as a precaution.

" Football It should be a model example and not 'bread and games,' he said.

Cologne had said that all three cases had no symptoms and the people were quarantined for 14 days, but the club did not confirm any names out of respect for the privacy of those involved, nor did it say whether the players were involved.

While Bundesliga clubs have returned to training in small groups in the past weeks after the league was suspended in mid-March, they must wait another week to find out about a possible restart to the season.

The German government on Thursday delayed any decision over a league resumption amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Liquidity-struggling clubs and the league expected the green light to end the two-month suspension so that the league can contractually end before June 30.

the German Football League también ha presentado un plan de seguridad de la salud para juegos sin espectadores que prevé pruebas regulares de the jugadores pero no cuarentena para escuadrones enteros en casos de pruebas positivas.

La canciller Merkel ha dicho que cualquier decisión sobre si the deportes podrían reanudarse y cuándo podrían tomarse se tomaría el 6 de mayo.

Germany has suffered over 6,500 deaths from coronavirus with some 162.00 people infected.