The Prime Minister must establish an exit closure plan, a roadmap to fight the crown and get the economy back on track: Congress

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister said Saturday Narendra Modi He must introduce himself and address the compatriots to enlighten them on the road ahead in the treatment of the coronavirus and the economic situation.

When asked when it will finally end, the main spokesman for Congress said the prime minister must also set out the exit strategy and explain the goal in managing the pandemic and the Covid-19 economy.

Will we see another running of the bulls? When will the closure finally end? The Prime Minister must introduce himself and address 130 Crore Indians and light them on the road, he told reporters at a press conference via video conference.

Accusing the government of failing to handle the migrant worker problem in a humane or compassionate manner, Surjewala urged the prime minister and the Center to transport migrant workers home on disinfected trains free of charge, along with food.