Indian Railways completes pending maintenance work during shutdown

NEW DELHI: Has successfully completed major work long overdue on bridges and runways over the period to improve safety and operational efficiency.

According to an official statement, the India n Railways backend warriors carried out maintenance work such as the remodeling of the patio, the renovation of the scissor crossing, the repair of bridges during this blockade, which were pending for a long time and often confronted India n Railways like bottlenecks.

Around 500 modern heavy-duty machines, along with track, signal, and overhead equipment (OHE) maintainers regularly worked over 10,749 machine days to complete overdue maintenance of 12,270 km of flat track and 5,263 turnout numbers , according to the release.

In addition, he added that the state of the track has been monitored through periodic runs of the Oscillation Monitoring System (WHO), which accumulates 1.92,488 km of track in 5,362 peak locations indicated by the WHO test to guarantee adequate quality.

Ultrasonic failure detection (USFD) of 30,182 km of track and 1.34,443 rail welds has been carried out with the USFD machine.

In addition, critical summer precautionary activities, such as large welded rail de-stressing (LWR) involving a large amount of labor, have been incorporated into a new procedure for carrying out the work to ensure adequate spacing standards Social. 2,246 km of LWR de-stressing have been carried out.

India n Railways planned these works during the shutdown period, viewing it as a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to eliminate these maintenance delays and take over the work without affecting train service.