Jeweler becomes a vegetable seller to survive the running of the bulls in Jaipur

JAIPUR: A jeweler for 25 years, he would not have imagined in his wildest dreams that a time would come when he would have to sell vegetables to earn a living. But then these are not ordinary times.

Her counter, which once remained covered in expensive decorations, is now filled with green vegetables, and the jewelry scale now weighs potatoes and onions.

He at Jaipur's has undergone a radical transformation to adapt to the new set of clients who visit him daily.

It's been four days since I started selling vegetables. This is the only way I can survive (the crash), Soni told PTI. I don't have big savings or capital, so I started selling vegetables, Soni added.

He said that his jewelry was not large, but enough to handle his family.

After the closing began on March 25, all non-essential stores and services were ordered to close and Soni managed to do so for a few weeks, but now, he said, he has to find the means within the options available to manage his home. .

We had been sitting at home for so many days ... Who will give us money and food? I used to make and sell small jewelry items like rings and used to repair damaged ornaments. Me and other traders are certainly suffering daily losses, he said.

The only member who wins in the family, Soni said it was not an easy decision to become a vegetable vendor.

At least now I'm winning. It is better than sitting at home and doing nothing. I have to pay the rent for the store. I have to take care of my mother and the family of my younger brother who passed away. said.

He said he goes to the local mandi every day to get his supplies and transports them to his store in a hired tempo-rickshaw. I only know that work is worship. That is all.