Amid Trump attack, WHO praises China for managing coronavirus pandemic

BEIJING: The World Health Organization praised China for handling the coronavirus pandemic, saying that countries must learn from Wuhan about how the epicenter of the virus was returning society to normal, a day after the US president. USA Donald trump He compared the global health agency to a Beijing public relations agency.

Trump said Thursday that the WHO should be ashamed of itself, as it compared the UN health body to a public relations agency for China amid the coronavirus pandemic after it originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

The Trump administration launched an investigation into the WHO's role in the coronavirus and temporarily suspended financial assistance from the United States.

Many countries, including Germany, blame China for the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed more than 2.35,000 people worldwide, including 64,000 Americans, and infected 3.3 million.

Noting that there are no cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan, Maria van Kerkhove, technical director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program at a virtual press conference in Geneva, said: It is very welcome news to hear that there are no more cases serious, no more patients in Wuhan.

So congratulations on this achievement, she was quoted by the state Xinhua News Agency on Saturday.

The world has learned from China and we must continue to learn from Wuhan about how they are lifting those measures, how they are returning society to normal, or a new normal, in terms of how we are going to live with this virus in the future, he said.

Health officials in Wuhan, where the coronavirus emerged in December last year, said that all cases of Covid-19 were removed from hospitals on Sunday.

Hubei province and its capital Wuhan have not reported cases of coronavirus for 28 consecutive days since April 4, the local health commission said on Saturday.

The central province also lowered its emergency level from the highest to the next level on Saturday.

The lowering of the emergency level shows a breakthrough in Hubei's prevention and control of Covid-19, the lieutenant governor told the media on Friday.

The province, however, reported 647 asymptomatic cases, which are under medical observation. Hubei has so far reported 68,128 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in total, including 50,333 in Wuhan.

Amid criticism of the case report, Wuhan revised its death toll by 50 percent on April 17, bringing the death toll to 3,869.

The death toll in China was 4,633 as of Thursday, with 82,874 confirmed cases overall.

As one of the joint China-WHO experts, who visited China in February for a field study, Van Kerkhove said: China has worked very hard to control the outbreak.

I was there for two weeks and worked directly with ministry officials and officials from all different sectors, from hospitals to communities, to really see what had been established to reduce those numbers, he said.

Van Kerkhove said he appreciates the tireless efforts of people in Wuhan - not just health workers, but people who stayed at home, who adhered to public health measures.

We take off our hats before you and we thank you for your commitment and your service, and for sharing with us in the world what you have been able to do, he said.

He also asked people in Wuhan to remain vigilant, in case new cases appear.