Lockdown 3.0: DGCA extends the suspension of domestic and international passenger flights until May 17

NEW DELHI: In view of the government order, the aviation regulator decided on Saturday to extend the suspension of the flight of national and international passengers until May 17. The Interior Ministry extended the national shutdown by two weeks as fatal cases of coronavirus continued to rise.

The blockade, first announced on March 23, was supposed to end on May 3.

The validity of the MoCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation) order prohibiting domestic service was extended until 2359 h IST (11:59 pm) on May 17, 2020, the Directorate General said in a statement shared on Twitter.

It was also decided to extend scheduled international commercial passenger services until May 17, the regulator added.

In addition, he stated that foreign and domestic airlines will be adequately informed about the opening of their operations, whether international to/from India or national, respectively, in due course.

It should be noted that the restriction does not apply to international full load operations and specifically approved by the DGCA.