India to step up bid for 2032 Olympics after pandemic: Narinder Batra

NEW DELHI: India will step up its bid to win the 2032 Olympics and other international events when the World Cup coronavirus the pandemic is alleviated, Indian olympic association President Narinder Batra said.

Ten years after organizing the Commonwealth Games, the IOA President said his country had lessons to learn but would not be deterred.

We are serious and definitely launch for the Youth Olympic Games 2026 and 2032 Olympic Games , he told AFP on Friday.

India has already written expressions of interest for the International Olympic Committee, but is facing reported competition from Thailand, Russia and Colombia for the 2026 event.

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Queensland in Australia, Shanghai and a potential joint bid between Seoul and Pyongyang are also being touted for the 2032 Olympic Games .


However, the pandemic has stopped all debate. Batra, also head of the International Hockey Federation, said documentation has started by 2032 but that work is now frozen. A final decision can take up to 2025.

Now there is a team that visits the different places and you continue talking to them and then send a report. It is an ongoing process that I think will not see activity until December, Batra said.

"This is not the time to talk with business houses or government about pitching for the Olympic Games . The first thing should be how we sort out this problem which has come into the world," Batra added, referring to the virus.

The organization of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi was marked by construction delays, faulty infrastructure and allegations of financial mismanagement.

Most recently, Delhi was stripped of the 2021 world boxing championship, and the world body accused organizers of not paying a lodging fee on time.


Batra said he knew nothing of the boxing match, but insisted that the 2010 multi-sport event had made India think big and its growing economic influence means it has resources.

"I can say the biggest takeaway was that India is capable of hosting all big-ticket events whether it is Olympic Games or any other Games," said Batra.

But he added that New Delhi did not capitalize enough on the 2010 Games by encouraging more young athletes.

El evento de Delhi no alcanzó los valores heredados. El legado de que produzcas más atletas y los desarrollas nunca sucedió aquí y es por eso que los torneos se mudaron de Delhi, said.

The fact that such a large event occurred here was not adequately exploited.

The coronavirus pandemic has only made it harder for athletes to train for the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games , put back until at least 2021.

But Batra sticks to his prediction that India will win more than 10 medals every time the next Games are held.

"About 80 Indian athletes have already qualified for the Olympic Games and are being monitored by directors and chief coaches," he said.

So I stick to my previous prediction of a double-figure medal count and I don't think this situation changes anything.

Batra said he had the men's hockey team, which won eight Olympic gold medals but did not finish in the first four since 1980, to return to success.

"In this Olympic Games I am certainly looking to the men's team for a medal," he said.