MLS Allows Individual Workouts To Resume Starting Wednesday

NY: Major League Soccer ( MLS ) Players can start voluntary individual workouts at the team's outdoor training grounds starting Wednesday under coronavirus Health protocols where government shutdown laws allow it, the league announced Friday.

The move marks the first small step toward summarizing the 2020 MLS season, which was halted after only two weeks due to the deadly virus outbreak.

A league-wide moratorium on small group and full team training sessions remains in effect until May 15.

The MLS move comes after the NBA announced it would allow players to conduct solo workouts at team facilities starting next Friday where allowed under stay-at-home laws.

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Up to four MLS players may train on the field at once, with the area divided into four quadrants and players limited to their zone with no passing or shooting between zones allowed.

Having players use team-operated fields allows clubs to control the environment, ensuring all involved adhere to social distance and safety protocols created by MLS with medical and disease experts.

Training protocols do not allow access to other team facilities, such as gyms, locker rooms, and training rooms, except as allowed for players recovering from surgery or injury.

Teams should restrict access to essential personnel only, disinfect all training spaces and equipment such as balls, cones, or targets between each training session, and check the temperature of each player upon arrival at the facility.

Teams must stagger the arrivals and departures of players and staff and designate parking spaces to maintain the maximum distance between vehicles, with players required to wear personal protective equipment to travel to and from the field from parking lots.

Staff members must wear protective gear and keep at least 10 feet from players at all times with hand washing stations and disinfectants that must be used before and after all workouts.

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