The iftars bring families closer in times of confinement

BHOPAL: The ongoing blockade has a silver hue as well that has brought families closer. Many people can pray and have Iftar together; Especially working people are enjoying this aspect after a long time. People who observe Roza are using this time to prepare and enjoy their meals for Sehri and Iftar together with family members.

Ghaza Siraj, owner of a boutique, says: “Ramzan is a very busy time as people get new clothes for Eid and I have to work late every day. Every year, someone from home would bring me the Iftari at the boutique and eat quickly and then return to work. After a long time, I am helping my mother in the kitchen to chop fruit, make a sharbat for the family. It is good to see that everyone has Iftar together. This is something that I have really missed from the moment I started my boutique.

Aman Khan Khalifa, a rapper, added that the closure has given him an opportunity to control his smoking. “There are some important things that we must follow during Ramzan. We have to be patient, kind, control our anger and also overcome hunger and thirst to be better human beings. Blocking is definitely helping us to be better people as our patience is being tested on another level this year. I am using this time to get rid of bad habits, including smoking, he said.

Saba Khan, a private employee, said she is honing her culinary skills and even attempted to make fruit pudding for Sehri with her mother's help.

“Before, I would just wake up, pray, eat, and go back to sleep to wake up again at 8 am and run to the office. Now I get up with my mother, help her make Sehri and then the whole family pray together. It is the same during Iftar. After a decade, I have Iftar at home rather than in the office. I am learning a lot of recipes from my mother, something I intended to do, but could never have time with, ”said Sana.