Fright crown: body of 6-month-old girl abandoned by buried parents

AHMEDABAD: Although several people have come forward to cremate the six-month-old baby who was abandoned by his parents after his death at Civil Hospital on Tuesday, the police decided to wait until the medical report is received.

If the report says that she died from Covid-19, she will be cremated according to protocol, DCP Neeraj Badgujar said.

If the test is negative for Covid-19, then his body can be given for cremation to those who have filed requests with the Naroda police station for permission to cremation, he added.

Bharat Damor and his wife had come to the hospital with the baby for treatment on Monday. The parents left for their hometown Dungarpur in Rajasthan after his death.

When hospital staff saw the body in the hospital, they searched for her parents and then reported to Naroda police.

The police tracked down the parents to Dungarpur, but they refused to come to Ahmedabad to cremate the baby. They asked the police to arrange for his cremation.

Badgujar said the body has been kept in the cold room of the hospital.