Raipur: Sukma welcomes newborns with baby safety kits

RAIPUR: In an attempt to encourage institutional deliveries and promote the practice of regular health check-ups among pregnant women, the district administration in the Sukma district, hit by Naxal, has begun giving away newborn baby safety kits to mothers of newborns who choose deliveries in government-run hospitals.

As part of this innovative initiative, the joint director, Dr. Vivek Joshi, introduced the newborns to the mothers of babies at the Sukma District Hospital on Thursday. Newborn baby safety kits were delivered to Anita and her husband Dilip from Jarlodi village, Vandana and her husband Vikas from Dornapal and Bhima and her husband Sanna from Kodaripal village. The district medical and health officer, Dr. CB Bansod, DPM Rohit Kumar Verma and other medical personnel were present at the occasion.

Newborn baby safety kits include warm clothes, mosquito nets, baby soaps, oil, towels, toys and other useful things to keep a baby safe. In this way, newborns can be well cared for with the help of these kits and can protect themselves from any type of infection.

An official spokesperson for the district administration reported that, as usual, friends and family give gifts such as their blessings and best wishes for receiving a baby in the new world. Similarly, newborn baby safety kits will also be delivered as a gift by district administration health personnel. The parents of the newborn will return home with a pleasant experience in the health center. They will also share their good and enjoyable institutional delivery experience with others.

Explaining the innovative step in distributing safety kits, Dr. CB Bansod, District Health and Medicine Officer, said this push is being launched as directed by District Collector Chandan Kumar to improve health rates in the district. and increase the number of institutional deliveries in addition to increasing the diagnosis and treatment of pregnant mothers in health institutions in general. This will also increase public awareness of regular checkups for pregnant mothers and institutional deliveries, as well as how to properly care for babies and their mother, she added.