Haryana: 9 foreigners linked to Tablighi Jamaat arrested in Ambala, sent to jail

AMBALA: On Friday they arrested 9 foreign nationals (hidden names), including eight from Nepal and one from Sri Lanka linked to (TJ), who were registered in the district on April 2, for violating their entry and visa rules and acts negligent who may spread the infection from a life-threatening illness.

Ambala police said all of the arrested defendants were brought to the district court on Friday, which sent them to judicial custody at the.

On April 2, at the complaint of a police officer, a case was registered against 11 defendants, including nine foreign nationals and two Indians under Section 7 (obligation of hoteliers and others to provide details), 8 (determination of nationality), 14B (violation of the conditions of the valid visa), of the Law of Foreigners, and 188 (disobedience of the orders of the public servant), 269 (negligent act that can spread the infection of a life-threatening disease ), 270 (malignant act that can spread infection of life-threatening disease), 271 (disobedience of quarantine rule) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) at Mahesh Nagar (PS) police station.

The plaintiff told the police: These foreigners, 8 from Nepal and 1 from Sri Lanka, violated their entry and visa regulations when they were on a tourist visit to India. They indulged in missionary activities in their community, which is against the rules. Two Indians are administrators of a mosque in the Mahesh Nagar area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmbala, where these foreigners received refuge despite the Covid-19 confinement and explosion.

The police investigation revealed that these TJ workers had arrived in Ambala after attending the congregation in Nizamuddin, New Delhi, in the third week of March, and did not appear for their medical examination.

According to information from March 31, the Ambala police carried out a search operation in different mosques in Ambala and kept around 50 people linked to TJ under surveillance.

According to Ambala health department officials, only 5 people (1 from Nepal and 4 from Maharashtra) linked to TJ had tested positive in the Ambala district and all of them were discharged from the hospital isolates.

Among the 8 people arrested in Nepal, a 66-year-old man tested positive for Covid-19 on April 2 and was released from hospital isolation on April 11.

Police Superintendent (SP) Abhishek Jorwal said: Nine foreigners, including 8 from Nepal and 1 from Sri Lanka, were arrested on Friday and brought before the court that sent them to judicial custody. They were registered on April 2. and after completing their quarantine period, they have now been arrested and legal action has been initiated against them. More investigations are underway and two arrests of Indians are pending as they are fleeing.