No jerking, no showering, no sharing: Welcome to post-virus tennis.

PARIS: Don't shake, don't shower, don't share, don't sign. Welcome to what the world of tennis it might once seem that government restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have been raised

On Friday FederaciĆ³n internacional de tennis ( ITF ), issued a set of guidelines for competitions at the local and national level.

"They emphasise that decisions made by governments take precedence and that tennis (either competitive or recreational) should not be played until governments have sufficiently relaxed any restrictions that are currently in place," said an ITF statement.

The guidelines include arriving at a place already dressed and leaving immediately after the conclusion of a match.

Brief notices

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Do not use the locker rooms or showers, say the ITF.


Masks must be worn off the court, players and officials must be kept at least two meters from each other, while handshakes are also off limits.

Each player is asked to use their own set of balls, numbered separately.

Ball boys and girls should wear rubber gloves during changes, players should go to opposite sides of the net.

Players are also discouraged from signing autographs and taking selfies while being warned not to share equipment, water bottles, or food.


Tournaments must also be solo and played without spectators.

By following measures like these you will ensure that the risk of COVID-19 is minimized, the guidelines are clear that the risk cannot be eliminated altogether, added the ITF.

ATP and WTA professional tours have been suspended since mid-March and are not expected to resume until July 13 at the earliest.